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March 23 2018


Ways to bump up the Blog Traffic using Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms
Social Media Marketing has variant tools that can help you promote your blogs in a jiffy. Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more makes your blog’s reach to a level way higher. The best advantage of this Digital era is that most of the social media platforms and their marketing is free. Look at these amazing key points to increase the blog traffic with simple social media marketing.

  • Publish & Promote Your Blog On ALL Social Media Platforms

For reaching all kinds of audiences, you should definitely post your blog on every social media platform. This results in drastic increase on your blog reach. Moreover, you can also automate your work for posting that might reduce your publishing time on variant social media platform.

  • Link To Your Blog From Every Social Media Platform

Never forget to add the blog URL on your variant Social Media Platforms. For instance, you can add it onto your Facebook as a post altogether, YouTube Channel’s description, and so on.

  •  You Can Automate Cross-Profile Publishing

Handling all the social media platforms is yet another challenge faced by marketers. Automating your posts for every platform suitable for your blog using variant tools which can automatically publish your links to the blogs can reduce your work to a great extent.

  •  Promote Your Blog Through Widgets Provided By Social Media Sites

Many Social Media Sites provide Social tools and Widgets that can help you promote your profile and give your content a lot of exposure. Make sure to use them to increase your blog reach.

December 04 2017


5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO is fast emerging as the most persuasive marketing tool in the world. Such has its popularity surged recently, that it is almost impossible for any business to stay on top for long. Search engines have also evolved in such a way with time that there a number of factors that can adversely affect your website ranking.

Here are 5 mistakes that can make your website SEO resistant:

Duplicate content

Search engines primarily strive to provide usability and value to their customers. So, how does Google distinguish between hundreds of websites providing the same content?

One of the criteria is content genuinity. Original and valuable content that educates its users are more preferred by search engines over ripped-off content. 

Keep your content genuine and original in order to surge forward in search rankings.

 Bad Links

Yes, we are talking about the 404 page not found error. If this is the case with your website, then it is already affecting your rankings and reputation. Therefore, fix your website and do not just remove the bad links. One such simple online tool is Google Webmasters to fix these broken links.

Social Media absence

Brands with impactful social outreach on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are highly ranked by Google. Additionally, likes, shares and comments also play a vital role in the SEO of your website.

Wrong or excessive keywords

Google ranking is mostly about choosing the right keywords. It is utterly important here to recognize what your customers might be searching online. But, also make sure not to include very specific or long-tail keywords. Do a thorough research for keyword picking before beginning with SEO.

Also, don’t try to incorporate too many keywords (keyword stuffing) in your website. Rather than acting as a catalyst for your SEO, it will end up spamming your website.

 Unresponsive to mobile devices

With the number of mobile searches overtaking desktop searches on Google, it is important that your website offers a fast and user-friendly mobile experience if you want your website to rank higher on Google.

Therefore, ensure a mobile optimized site with fast page-load speed for Google to entertain you.

The term ‘Digital marketing’ today encompasses SEO and its practices. It is also interwoven with many other factors like number of visitors on-page, bounce rate, lead generation, etc. It is hence very important to deter these SEO mistakes so that your website features high on search engines.

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